From Helsinki drive on road number three to the north, pass by Hämeenlinna, proceed to the highway pass by Pirkanhovi until the sign by which 34 Lempäälä eteläinen (southern) leads you to the Lempäälä centre. After railway bridge there is traffic lights, from which turn right. Drive through centre by the old Tampere-Lempäälä-road for 2 km, until you see Neste service station. From there turn left on the Pirkkalantie road and drive for 5 km, there is going to be intersection, from which turn to the Vanha Rantatie road. From intersection at the edge of the road see sign 6 SÄIJÄ, drive 2 km and at the left side of the road there is going to be a sign Mikkolan savusauna- ja savutorppa.