In Mikkola you can go to sauna, go swimming or try out swimming in a hole in the ice, wander to bivouac shelter to grill sausage, have a meetings or small gatherings and spend time relaxing.

Renting facilities:

  • Smoke Sauna 15-20 p, separate shower room and dressing room
  • Smoke Croft 10-40 p

  • Dugout Sauna 8-10 p

  • Grill hut / tepee for example for grilling sausages

  • Korve mountain bivouac shelter

    Unite work and relaxation: have your meetings in our accommodation and after enjoy relaxing steam in our smock sauna. Catering service is organized easily with us. Accommodation is suitable for meetings of 20 people and all needed tools can be found there. International Smock Sauna Club has chosen our saunas as the best smock saunas company of the year 2005.

    In Mikkola you can enjoy our home cooking food that is definitely fresh and tasty. The menu is for example smock salmon, herbal rise, veggie gratiini, green salad, cheese-melon salad and berry dream.

    Mikkola smock sauna situated in Lempäälä with good communications near to the Helsinki-Tampere highway.

    Mikkola smock sauna belongs to the Finnish Countryside Tourism Entrepreneur Association and it had been given Best in the Province -brand.